Balancing on a Teeter-Totter

Remember the days “way back when” (I like to think it was last week, but to each their own) when you’d go out to the school playground, go running for a seat on the teeter-totter, make it in time, and then someone sat down and it promptly smacked you in the face? Yeah, me neither 😉

Lately, I’ve noticed my life is out of balance. Not in a major, I need to re-evaluate my life kind of way, but in a mom-guilt, teacher-guilt, I don’t know which one to focus on kind of way. Which brings me to this: we’re all searching for that perfect same-sized, teeter-totter partner that puts our life in a perfectly happy balance.

Sometimes we are stuck, a first grader being held hostage by a big, old 5th grader on the other end and we have no where to go. Sometimes we are the 5th grader weighing other people down.

This weekend I went on a hike with some friends. Being out in the fresh air with 2 hours to talk through your thoughts can really do the soul some good. I came to realize that I’m sitting here trying to find my perfect balance, when all I need to do is jump and give it a little push. If I’m the big, old 5th grader on the teeter-totter, it’s going to take me using my muscles to balance it out, I can’t just sit and wait for it to magically happen.

Being a working mom is hard. I feel bad for the time I’m away. On the other hand, I love my job and the students I teach, and it makes me feel accomplished to make a difference. At various times, one of the two takes over and I get stuck on the teeter-totter.

There’s so much push for self-care out there, and don’t get me wrong, it’s crucial. To me, though, self care isn’t about getting a facial or going some place fancy. It’s about being caught up in grading to spend a weekend uninterrupted with my daughter. It’s about going on a hike to clear my head for bit. It’s a glass of wine on a day where everything was out of sorts.

Find what makes your teeter-totter balance. Live your best life, because a best life needs both ups and downs to make it work.


I'm just a Midwest girl in a California world, looking to be the best mom, teacher and person I can be every single day.

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