I’ll Admit It – I’m a Teacher Who Doesn’t Work on Breaks


Two of the most beautiful words to a teacher. You see, in the spring we are so close to the end of the school year, but in full-blown testing mode (a blog for another day) and it is exhausting.

[Before I go on, please know that I completely understand every single job has a busy season, and I am in no way saying teaching is harder than your job, I’m simply saying I could sleep for 47 days and then maybe, finally, feel rejuvenated.]

Then along comes spring break, and guess where you can find many teachers? Working. There’s grades not done, bulletin boards that haven’t been changed all year (not mine, of course 🙄), plans to be made, and curriculum to cram before the real big deal {summer}. I could find enough things to keep myself busy full time over spring break, no doubt. But, guess what? I’m saying no.

I’m saying no to spend my break working, and yes to extra snuggles with my baby girl, a couple extra naps, an ice cream date with my teacher bestie (in yoga pants and messy buns, of course), and, if I get lucky, a few moments of sweet, sweet silence. Self care isn’t always about an expensive trip, massage and facial (although I’m sure they don’t hurt) and sometimes just about taking a moment to do what this life doesn’t give us nearly enough time to do: plain old relax.

In teaching, you are making a decision, answering a question or redirecting, adapting, changing plans or any combination of the above at any given moment. During testing season, it’s like making it to the Super Bowl, and you’re the coach of the Cinderella team, knowing they can do it but everyone is doubting you. Being able to take a break for a bit is more than needed.

So, teachers that find it rewarding to work over break, I’m a little envious, but you do you. And teachers that need to sit back and relax, I have ice cream and wine, want to figure out what in the world TikTok is with me?


I'm just a Midwest girl in a California world, looking to be the best mom, teacher and person I can be every single day.

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